Der Einstieg in ein neues Programmier-Framework ist immer mit einer gewissen Lernkurve verbunden. Sobald man aber die Grundkonzepte verstanden hat, kann man Anwendungen damit sehr schnell realisieren.

Hier zeige ich euch, wie ihr eine Web-Anwendung mit einem einfachen Formular und ohne Datenbank-Zugriff mit dem Framework CakePHP in der aktuelle Version 4 erstellt.

CakePHP umfasst die gesamte Anwendungsarchitektur, also Frontend (HTML, JS, CSS) und Backend (PHP, MySQL). Es nutzt, wie viele Web-Frameworks, das Model-View-Controller Entwurfsmuster. Für eine einfache “Hallo Welt!”-Anwendung brauchen wir aber erst einmal nur View und Controller. Los geht’s!


Für die Anwendung brauchen wir den Paket- und Dependency-Manager von…

How to not become part of the planet’s largest botnet

Image: Disney/Fandom

The surge of networked devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) increased the stakes for information security once more. But IoT sensors and actors also pose a threat towards existing information infrastructure. They can be used as remote-controlled drones in so-called Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. How do we ensure the trustworthiness of information systems on the Internet of Things? How do we protect against attacks of a global bot army?

Boon and bane IP-based networking

The trend towards “augmenting” everyday objects into “smart things” and the business models based on them (interaction, monitoring, predictive maintenance, extra…

Lessons learned from crafting 1,800+ requirement snippets

‘We’re going to learn a lot.’, my boss and CEO said on the six-hour car ride back home. The second of two of the largest projects in the company’s history had just begun. The first one had already been on its way for half a year. This was also the time when I started working for the technology company specialized in building and operating the infrastructure for huge data-driven applications.

Coworkers sitting in a comfy office in front of a whiteboard with some yellow post-it notes. — Unfortunately not how to write great user stories (on a large scale). (Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash)

But apart from the infrastructure which ‘only’ required the cutting-edge know-how we are known for, our clients also wanted to use the technology…

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